Brew With The Bennetts

Following on from their lockdown viral hit, “Stand up from the shed” which made it onto BBC Breakfast, Sky News and BBC Radio Five Live, Scott and Jemma are back with a brand new podcast.

As a married couple with two young children they don’t often get time to chat. So every Sunday morning they send the children to the grandparents for a few hours, pour a brew and get to know each other again, and you can join them.

Covering all manner of topics, some serious, some silly, but always interesting, it’s like a WhatsApp group for your ears!

Come and be part of the brew crew!

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Stand-up From The Shed

On the 14th March 2020, Stand up Comedian Scott Bennett, did his last real stand up gig in front of a live audience. Then the Coronavirus happened.

He had a stupid idea to do some live streamed stand up shows from his garden shed and three months later, he’s still doing them.

With his wife Jemma on tech duties, a loyal audience of followers and his parents on speed dial. It’s a fun packed variety show of fun and comedy.

As heard on the Now Show, Radio Five Live, BBC Breakfast and Sky News!

Scott kept the public sane and kept himself entertained during lockdown. Check out the full show archive using the links below.