Tip Top! – Monthly Musings 25

Every Sunday morning at ten o’clock I’m there. Joining that queue with all the other broken people. Ready to cross that threshold and purge our souls, which are laden with the excesses of everyday life. I don’t consider it worshipping, it’s more like a pilgrimage. But here you don’t need a bible and a prayer mat, all you need is a people carrier and a permit.

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What if you can’t do it yourself? – Monthly…

I was watching a film the other night. A couple were decorating and they were beside themselves with joy. No arguments, no sulking, no awkward tension as one of them flips out and slings a roller into the wall. I don’t know what colour they’d chosen to paint that front room but I would hazard a guess it was probably called something like “Hint of smug bastards”

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New Year same old me and that’s absolutely fine!…

Traditionally January is the month of the year where I make resolutions to become the version of the person I always wished I could be. To lose two stone, to be more successful at work, to be a better husband and father. Every year I do this and every year I get to the first week of February and feel miserable, and wonder why I set myself up to fail?

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Working nine till five (in your dressing gown) –…

One of the consequences of Coronavirus is that many of us have had to start working from home. As a stand-up comedian this hasn’t been easy, you can’t just start doing an impromptu gig at the dinner table, treating your kids like drunken hecklers. You can’t do “your mum” style put downs when you’re married to her.

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